Biosal herbal food supplements are produced by analyzing social needs closely and giving priority to public health, which determines the product profile that satisfies consumer needs while maintaining the quality of life. According to European standards. TC.In the comprehensive production facility approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, ISO 22000 certificate, ISO 9001 certificate, halal food certificate, HACCP certificate, good manufacturing practices GMP certificate produces the highest quality products with the most reliable methods and presents them to the consumer. Our Products T. C. The Ministry of Agriculture is certificated Teg reinforcing food.
We aim to be the most innovative and reliable company in the field of herbal food supplements in Turkey. Our goal for five years is to increase the number of countries we export by developing our presence in Balkan countries markets and thus to become a reliable and respected world brand while contributing to the economy of the country. As a successful, professional, contemporary Turkish company with competitive power on a global scale, we aim to become the leading company in the field of herbal food supplements in national and international markets.
Combining its own expertise and experience with the technological opportunities offered by the modern world, our Biosal brand is moving forward with solid steps in the vegetable food supplements sector. Our biosal company reflects the excitement of producing products that are beneficial for human health and continuously strengthens its expert staff. Our company, which distributes wholesale products in Turkey and in Kosovo, produces or exports products that can reach a large area thanks to our wide distribution network. Our wide distribution network consists of contracted dealers and pharmacies.

Our Biosal company has Folicosal (Folic acid), Ginkosal (Ginkgo Biloba), Glucosal (Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Boswellia), Calciosal (Calcium magnesium zinc vit d3), Menosal (Multivitamin Menopace), Presal (Multivitamin pregnancy), Valerisal (Valerisal) You can get it from our dealers and pharmacies. Our products have Supplementary Food Approval Certificates and Producer Approval Certificates